Philly's 1st Rage Room for Entertainment Purposes Only!!!

 Q. Can I extend my session if I need more time?

A. If the time after your 1st session is available, you may pay for an extension, otherwise you would have to make reservations for another time. It is strongly encouraged to book as much time as you would like when making your reservation. 

 Q.Do you accept donations?

A. You know what they say, One man's trash is another man's treasure. meaning, we will take anything that you can bust up except for sofas, mattresses, etc. We love recyclable items! 

Q. Can I reserve my spot over the phone? 

A. Unfortunately, you can only reserve your spot online to guarantee you will show.

Q. Are there any clothing requirements?

A. Protective gear will be provided except for footwear. No open-toed shoes or canvas sneakers are allowed. 


Q. Can I bring items from home to bash?

A. To break it down, we have a GIVE n TAKE program. For Fast n Furious session, you are allowed to bring a max of 2 small items PLUS, 1 small item of the same size as a donation to Rage Philly, LLC. For Raging Bull session,  you are allowed to bring a max of 1 small and 1 medium item PLUS, 1 small and 1 medium item of the same size as a donation to Rage Philly, LLC. For SAVAGE BEAST,  you are allowed to bring a max of 3 small items and 2 medium items PLUS, the same quantity and size contents as a donation to Rage Philly, LLC.  *All items are subject to inspection before allowed on the Rage floor.  (No microwaves or items containing heating elements, please)! 

 Q. Is this a form of therapy? 

A. While we do not claim to be Mental Health Providers in any way, we feel it's a great way to release a variety of frustration within a controlled environment and have fun while doing it! It's also a nice workout!!! 


Q. What should I expect when I arrive?

A. Expect to sign a few liability waivers explaining that you are willingly participating at YOUR OWN RISK! We are NOT responsible for any injuries what-so-ever as a result of YOUR rage! This is a controlled environment solely intended for entertainment purposes only!